Women are not conscious creatures, nor do they have the same potential of consciousness as a man does. Women are greedy, materialistic, and childish, they want more and want everything. They want a husband to be their emotional tampon to be there and endure the dumps she’ll put onto him.

They want to live through their children they’ll dump out and say “I’m a mother!” They want a house and a garden. They want and they want it now and they just want all the time.

Men don’t need all those props, we can be independent, we can live in the bush fine without giving a damn. Being independent and alone is the opposite of feminine. How come if women are as equally conscious as men are they require all of these props? It must be they cannot just be in their own existence as men do.

Men have an inner life, an inner story of being. We men need to accept – We are the adults, we are the conscious ones in the pair of our species. We keep the potential to be more than ourselves. We have the potential to make societies and culture because it is we men, who keep the ability to look outwards and see something greater than ourselves; that is why men die for ideas and women don’t.

It has lead to men being viewed as disposable, but it is also a strength. But selfish women do not do such because they do not have thoughts or the ability to reason because they have no intellectual curiosity, they have never needed it- Everything they interact with is seen as an extension only of their self, nothing more.

Women can never be satisfied because they have no real connection to anything. They have no depth of mind to allow any connection, so everything is superficial, spontaneous, and shallow. Men feel deeper emotions than women do because there is an inner self to house those feelings – women don’t have that- everything to them is !NOW! They live entirely in the moment.

Women don’t need to do anything (build, put out fires, fight in wars) if they don’t wanna. But HAVE TO isn’t in their world. Men must do to have person hood, women can just be because females are complete and a woman wouldn’t gain anything, and so they have never needed to understand duty or honor.