When you hear “he makes me feel __________”

That perfectly explains how women “love.”  

They literally don’t actually love .  They only care what someone does for them.  And the moment they don’t feel that person can supply them with something they will drop them.  

And remember they aren’t logical.  So even if you’re a terrific dad, husband, lover and provider.  Even if you’re faithful, not a felon, and debt free it doesn’t matter.  

A fucking loser comes along with NOTHING TO OFFER and her so called “needs” are getting met, you’re sunk.

As men, we try to make sense outta stuff.  We are logical and the only gender capable of sacrificial love.  So we look at things and ask “how could she?”

Not that it gives you any comfort, but you literally will NEVER understand how could she.  Your brain can not rationalize the irrational. 

Women also know that they can win a mans heart by paying him attention and sucking his D.