I have read story after story of men who are baffled at the woman they married becoming someone else. Someone they don’t recognize. Their “good girl” from 20 years ago starts riding the cock carousel and doing things that are completely out of character.

And the more I read, the more I believe that it may just be in female nature to be unfaithful, to initiate nearly all divorces, and to be hypergamous.

“She proudly discarded and denounced time-honored, societal norms of morality. She destroyed the family that loves her and completely disregarded her husband of 20 years. Who is this woman? Does she worship intercourse, sex, her own body, herself……or perhaps Satan himself?”

~anonymous member in divorce support group

This is just one of the quotes I have copied over the past 12 months. There are hundreds, even thousands of others who are stating the exact same thing.  

Their wife has transformed into something they don’t recognize. Something that they can’t stand. And something that she herself would say that she’d never do. However, she does it anyway. 

And over the year, I have read countless articles after my own spouse of 18+ years got caught in her third affair. We’re divorced now, but where did the love of my life go? The 24 year old woman who I married in March of 2000? Who is this new person? How could she just toss away a lifetime of history and memories? 

Women’s Infidelity

I wrote a summary of a book called Women’s infidelity. You can read it here. The author Michelle Langley has researched the topic for more than 10 years and writes one of the best accounts I have ever read of why women cheat. 

She also points out, quite accurately, that society is making us believe that it is the men who cheat. While there are men who cheat, she says that overwhelmingly it’s women who are being unfaithful and she explains why. 

I have even returned to the Bible for answers and have found some surprising information that God himself warned us of long ago. One day, I will take the time to write a small manuscript about the Bible’s take on women and infidelity. 

Suffice it to say that if you’re reading this you are in a great place. The who point of this site is to convince you, the reader, to go your own way. To NOT get married. To not cohabitate. To live free of the influences and domination that women seem to have over men. To protect yourself financially and to build your own wealth. 

Most often men find their way to MGTOW by way of getting divorce raped by a woman. Or by being completely disrespected and disregarded through her having affairs. 

So if you’re here, welcome. Read the articles. Read what women are capable of. Research this information on your own. Comment your stories.