Ready for a monkey-branching shit-test?

Your woman has left. Probably cheated since most do. Now, she returns and tells you how she made a huge mistake, how sorry she is, and how she’ll never do it again.

It happens to all of us. After my ex’s third (that I know of) affair, she did the same thing. She told me shit like “I wanted you all along” and “I was lonely because I feared you were gonna leave me.”

So I thought I would write what she’s actually doing so that you don’t fall for this shit test and monkey branching. Here’s what’s happening behind the scenes.

The guy she’s seeing/banging has upset her in some way. We don’t know what he did or said, but he did something that has gotten to her. Basically it boils down to him not paying her attention in some way.  He has messed up a little bit or a lot by not performing exactly the way she expects. What’s funny is that the bar gets raised pretty quickly for guys after you. She will attempt to be sweet and great to this new guy, but her shit testing has to start right away with him because she had the power over you and has risked it to fuck this guy (or guys).

So basically he fails her shit-test. He doesn’t do what he was supposed to. Maybe she wanted him to take her out on the town and spend his hard earned money on her. He had plans with one of his friends and decided to ignore her request. That doesn’t sit well with her because she always had you under her control. “what the fuck?” she says to herself and most likely one or two of her friends.

So she heads back to you and tells you how great you are and how she really made a mistake. She is shit testing you to see if you’ll take back her sorry, cheating ass. Stay strong brothers. This is one of the big hurdles to overcome when becoming MGTOW. Pass this test and you’ll be eligible for the MGTOW hall of fame.

She always has to have attention so she’s coming back to you, being all nice and sweet. Also, trying to downplay her cheating on you to be with him. She will even fuck you, or get you to make out with her. Just remember that his balls were dragging across her face last night and you’re now kissing her.

The sweetness is fake, false, etc. She is only doing it because the other guy isn’t paying her attention right now. Or her was being distant, or didn’t do what she wanted him to do. So to get back at him, she comes to you.

Hope this helps. Stay strong MGTOW Brothers.