Monkey branching women are always racing towards the next relationship. They have to. It is how they feel “significant” or “validated.” Their perception is that if a man pays attention to her she must be pretty great. Also, women are so codependent that they get their self worth from how someone “makes them feel.” A guy makes them feel good about themselves, they are “in love.”

There are stories after stories that all start to sound very similar. Women who are married for 15+ years have one, two or three affairs. Try to convince their husband that they’ve changed and that he should stay with her….but they never change. They are who they are.

Introduce me to a woman who doesn’t jump to another man INSTANTLY after failing with the first guy. I haven’t met one. Most often, they cheat first or have a man on the back burner waiting for them free up. Some women will stop having sex, tell their husband that they just don’t love them any more or just become cold. When this happens, it is 100% certain that there’s another guy involved somehow. Either emotionally, physically or both.

My ex wife has a “boyfriend” right now. She and I aren’t officially divorced as of the writing of this post. But she started talking to him in November. They just had a week together this week while I watched the kiddos.

I know her so well. She thrives on validation, attention and affirmation from men. And this guy spending time texting her and calling her and meeting up with her for sex is all she needs to think she’s in love.

And just in September she was trying to reconcile with me, her husband. She tells her family and friends that she has changed and that I am the one who wanted the divorce. She quickly moves on – hot and heavy – into a new relationship. Often, women will even move in with a guy or run off somewhere with them to show their “dominance” leaving the family behind to clean up the mess they made.

It is irrational at best. But they still do it. Why? Typically the women who do this are 40+ years old and they are hitting the wall. The “wall” is that point where their looks change significantly as does their sex drive, hair texture and color. They invest in fake nails, fake boobs, fake hair color, spanks and other things to try to remain young and pretty. And their actions do the same thing.

They start having sex with someone (the sex is real, but the relationships are all illusions or fake) Like the eyelashes, they may look good from a distance, but as you close in, the relationships have tons of flaws. Those short term sexual relationships are NOT real. They’re as fake as the boobs they paid so much for. Obviously guys just want to get laid so they tell women anything and everything to get to the pussy. Once the woman gives it up, they have given the man the ONLY thing they have to offer. …. Sex.

Most women come with one thing only. Sex. That’s it. Outside of that, they don’t have anything to offer a man.