MGTOW – Men Going Their Own Way.

But what does it mean? MGTOW is growing with the decline of Western civilization. MGTOW is the movement where men give up the cultural ideas of marriage and relationship with women. There simply is no benefit for a man to be married in current, modern, Western society. Women do not define the identity of a man.

MGTOW is the freeing of men. It’s the red pill. Once taken, you begin to see that women offer nothing to men. Outside of sex, they simply don’t have any way to enhance a man’s life in any way. However, they have the ability through laws, culture and society to destroy men.

The #metoo movement, feminism, and the all-out assault on masculinity has led to a decline in the ability of men to build something. To accomplish. To succeed. Rather, they are being forced into indentured servitude to ex-wives and baby mammas. They are being belittled and told that their genitals don’t matter.