One of the questions that pops up in men’s support groups I am a part of is this one. “How can she move on so quickly? She’s already moving in with a guy, has a boyfriend, or is getting married.”

Men – here’s the thing. Women have moved on by the time they meet you. You may get a couple of years of monogamy but you aren’t getting true faithfulness.

Women are wired for hypergamy. This means that they are constantly looking for the best partner to take care of their “needs.” You certainly could be that partner for a time but it will come to an end. Once they identify someone who offers as a better partner (even if it is only one area) they will dump you for them.

Let’s say that your woman really likes men with long hair. And you start to go bald. You’re sunk. You could be the best father, husband, and friend anyone could know, but literally the hair thing will make them go elsewhere. Even if that long hair comes with a long history of drug abuse, poverty, etc. They simply don’t have the capacity to love and therefore can’t empathize or care about any of the other things.

With courts the way they are now, they can also cheat on their husbands and STILL get paid! So there is a financial incentive for them to cheat as well as their own sex drive, monkey branching and hypergamy.

Bottom line men is that you don’t stand a chance. Bette to be MGTOW and no get into any relationship with them. If you are going to get into a relationship then make sure there is no cohabitation and by all means don’t get married.