Surprise, surprise. A woman lying to her husband about affairs, cheating, etc. It happens so much I am almost at wits end writing about it. Women simply cannot stay faithful. I started to tell you in another post why but will write about it at length sometime soon.

Man who won $447k from lying wife offers reward to find kids’ real father –

‘Tricked’ dad wins $447k from ex-wife – Gladstone Observer

Son’s heartwarming text to infertile millionaire dad after learning he is not his real father – The Sun gets offers of female ‘friendship’ and requests for money after revelation over his kids Richard Mason, who co-founded Money Supermarket, told the world about his heartbreaking discovery Share Richard Mason and his wife Emma (Image: Daily Post Wales) Get daily A multi-millionaire businessman says he has no regrets over telling the world about his heartbreaking discovery that he not only had a terminal illness but his three sons were not his own. Richard Mason, who co-founded Money Supermarket , has been inundated with offers to appear on TV and radio after his story went around the world. The 55-year-old, who lives in Rhos on Sea with his wife Emma, who is not the mother of the children, revealed to the Daily Post that he was given the devastating news that he had cystic fibrosis two years ago. As the inherited disease means male sufferers are unable to father children naturally, the three boys he had lovingly brought up as his own could not be his. Since the story came out, Mr Mason says he has not heard anything from the three boys, although one of their childhood friends has contacted him to say what happy memories he has of staying at the family’s home in Pembrokeshire and riding quad bikes with his sons. Richard Mason discovered he had cystic fibrosis and that his children weren’t his (Image: Richard Mason) Mr Mason said: “I don’t have any regrets. Millionaire gets offers of female ‘friendship’ and requests for money after revelation over his kids A millionaire has been handed a £250,000 payout by his ex-wife after finding out she betrayed him for almost two decades while he believed he was the father of her three sons, Sun UK has reported. Richard Mason learned Kate Mason had lied about the paternity when doctors told him he had been infertile since birth in 2016. He made the astounding discovery when he was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, and told he couldn’t father children naturally. Legal documents seen by the Mail on Sunday reveal Mrs. Mason declared a sudden interest in Judaism when she first fell pregnant. She also insisted all three children have Jewish middle names, something Mr. How After 10 Years, Millionaire Finds Out That He’s Not The Father Of His 3 Children (Photos)