I have  been delaying writing on the subject of dating/marriage/foreign bride/ sites. Part of the reason is that it is a subject that warrants about 100 pages of content and who’s got that kind of time? 

Basically ALL dating, marriage, foreign bride, websites and apps are preying on the desperation of lonely men. 

To say it another way, if you’re a lonely man, they will get you to spend money on their site or app so that you can message women, or see who “likes” you or who wants to meet you. 

It’s all bullshit honestly. 

Now, are there some women on these sites? Sure. But I think that the vast majority of the sites that center around foreign brides, etc are completely fake. 

Honestly what knockout woman is going to want to be with an old dude? (and I am an old dude) Certainly not through a website. 

So this guy in the video pays OVER $10,000 to message a woman every day. I guarantee that she gets a cut of that. Guarantee!!!!!

Then after spending thousands more to travel to Russia. He gets fuckin’ scammed. What does he do? Goes back to the same site and is trying again????? What in the absolute cuck?   

The site he spent all this money on is this one: https://www.aforeignaffair.com/ And I am only posting the link to tell you men that if you’re desperate, get a sex doll, hire a prostitute, go get a hand job. But Fuck!  Spending $10,000 to email? And you’re probably emailing a dude somewhere in Russia that is helping to perpetuate this scam. 

Here are some reviews on Pissed Customer: