I may one day take the time to write about this in full depth.  Bottom line- and I say this in the nicest way possible – that pastors are wrong.

First, Eve unleashed Hell on Earth when she ate the fruit of the tree. Literally.  Earth was perfect and she did the very thing God told her not to.  Eve was the first “adulteress” and    She broke covenant with God – BEFORE  the law was ever created.  

Again, I can cover this in depth later.  But there was no Moses. And no law. There was, however, a perfect man.  Adam.  He should be known as the first ADAM as Jesus is the second Adam.  

So Eve ruins perfection on Earth by taking another god before God. (Herself) and acts in the very most selfish manner. Sound familiar to the wives in our lives????

God curses her that she will long for her husband among other things. 
This means that women were forever cursed that the would NEVER be satisfied with a man (or anything for that matter)  That they would long for a “husband “ even if they have one already. All of the destruction on the planet was caused by the part of man that God took out of Adam.  (A rib) 

Basically god separates man from woman and immediately woman decides that she is gonna disobey God by eating the fruit. She also convinced Adam to break his covenant by giving him the fruit. Controlling Adam with the pussy. She manipulates Adam as the snake manipulated her.  

From there, we have hundreds of references to adultery in the Bible and several of them have been mentioned here.  But I will cover the theme instead and stick with the story. 

God divorces Israel in Jer 6.  Proving God doesn’t hate divorce like the modern church would have you believe.  No. God actually is telling us through the ENTIRE Old Testament that Israel is sinful and needs a savior. The people (us) are called the “bride of Christ “ and Hosea is the story that basically says that the husband is the faithful one and the wife is unfaithful. Hosea is allagory.  

So the second Adam comes along. He is Jesus.  Notice the biggest thing that is missing with the second Adam?  Eve. Jesus is MGTOW.

In Gods story, he recreates Adam- his perfect human.  The second Adam. What he doesn’t recreate is a second Eve.  Because Eve is Israel- the Bride of Christ. And Israel, people, humans, us are sinful. 

God goes so far as to give us the woman at the well story where Jesus tells the woman she’s had five husbands and to “go and sin no more” which I doubt she did. 

Gods second Adam (Jesus) is an unmarried, man.  That’s the only way he can stay out of sin.  Sin was first brought to earth by a woman (Eve) and it takes a man (Jesus) to right that by dying on the cross for his bride (us)

The entire Bible is literally an adultery story is we take the time to back the fuck up and understand it rather than pulling a few verses here and there.  
When pastors say we are to operate with Christ’s love, they are wrong.  We can’t because we are the woman. We are Eve.  

So the pastor in this example is acting as who?  The serpent.  Why?  Because he is telling us we can be like God. Or that we can possibly be like Jesus.  We can’t. Basically when someone tells you to “be like Christ” they are repeating the very sin of idolatry (putting yourself in the god place) that the serpent did with Eve in Genesis. 

The modern church says it is preaching grace when in reality is is breaking the first commandment by suggesting that we can love or live like Christ.

The Bible is clear.

There is no balance other than to understand that adultery is the picture of Adam and Eve and why God had to send a lone MAN to fix what the woman unleashed.  

Every person on the planet KNOWS that adultery is wrong. No matter what their religion. Yet  it is rampant in every culture and country.  
And what if when in Corinth Paul writes that we are not to divorce?  Paul also writes that we are not to get married in the first place. But I don’t see a lot of guys quoting that scripture. Paul writes it is better to not be married but is you need the pussy then go ahead.  

The church is way too light in this.  The church (the bride of Christ) keeps putting out messages that adultery is okay.  Even some comments here in this thread.  The church is trying to be God. But the church (the wife and the bride) IS THE SINFUL. 

The groom (the husband) is Christ.  And Christ didn’t have a wife.  Because the wife (the church) is what unleashes sin (death) on earth. 
There is far more I could do to show you this story.  But it takes reading the Bible for the WHOLE and not from a selfish perspective.